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Buying A Business

Thinking of Buying a Business

Buying a business is an exciting venture. It brings the challenges of new beginnings and the potential rewards of great prosperity and wealth. Knowing why you are considering buying a business is the first step in helping you make the right choice and enjoy the long term benefits.

How we work with you

People buy businesses for a number of reasons. We want to know what your reason is. That way we can match the right buyers to the best businesses and cut down on a whole lot of unnecessary time.
Our networks spread far and wide and will search for the kind of business you want to buy.

Our confidential consulting process is designed to cover

  • Your business experience
  • Current financial situation and obligations
  • The ideal business type and industry for you
  • Lifestyle needs
  • Future hopes and ambitions
  • All the practicalities such as location, size, staffing, clientele
  • Owner operator needs and expectations
  • Businesses for investors

An ongoing business relationship

PBS is interested in long term, fruitful business relationships. Helping you buy your business is one step. Growing that business, buying another one, investing in other businesses, knowing when to sell. These are the services we offer beyond getting you to your deed of purchase.

Lower your risk so you can maximise your return

Buying a business contains inherent risks. The primary one being the need to verify that you are getting what you pay for and that the vendor is not hiding crucial information from you. With so many years experience across all aspects of buying, selling, running and advising businesses there is no better way to insure your risk than to engage PBS’s Buying Advocacy service. PBS can carry out due diligence on any independent business you are considering purchasing, not listed on our site.

We CAN Answer concerns about all of the following

  • Is this business suitable for me?
  • Is it worth the price?
  • What is the outlook for the business?
  • Does it really make the profit that the vendor says it makes?
  • Will I be able to run it?

These questions are pressing and you should not purchase a business unless you can confidently answer every single one. The problem is, your knowledge of the business and industry you are buying into, along with information available to you from the vendor may not be sufficient. This is where external, expert advice is essential. PBS is pleased to offer this service for due diligence research, advice and advocacy you can trust absolutely.



  • Prospective Buyer

  • Business Details

  • Confidentiality

  • The prospective buyer of the business detailed agrees to be bound by this confidentiality agreement (CA) as follows:

    1. All information of a confidential nature disclosed to the Prospective buyer (including agents, legal & other advisors) may not be disclosed to any other party prior to, during or subsequent to the entering into by the prospective buyer of a contract.
    2. All records of the business, financial, intellectual or otherwise are confidential and must remain so.
    3. This CA does not prevent any parting making a disclosure required by law and does not include information normal yin the public domain
    4. The prospective buyer acknowledges information supplied by the agent:
      1)Is provided by and or behalf of the business owner
      2)Is not guaranteed by the agent and it shall be the responsibility of the prospective buyer to do whatever is reasonably necessary at its own expense to verify such information
    5. The agent is not acting as an investment or financial advisor
    6. The prospective buyer confirms the agent, having supplied the material requested by the protective buyers does so as agent only and as such bears no responsibility for the accuracy thereof or any error s or mis-descriptions contained there in and the prospective buyer will not hold the agent liable for any loss or damage sustained with respect to reliance on such information
    7. All information and material provided under this CA will be returned, destroyed or otherwise dealt with in accordance with the business owners instructions if no contact is entered
    8. All contact with the business owner must be organised through the agent.
  • Agreement